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Furniture retail has been our family tradition for almost a century. It all dates back to my grandfather migrating to the United States in 1912 and opening his very own furniture store on SE Grand Ave, Downtown Portland. After having great success selling high-quality goods, an incredible reputation was built, and positive word of mouth traveled through Oregon faster than he could have imagined. This brought back many new customers and repeat customers continued to return for more goods. Although this was right around the time of an economic market collapse in 1929, which was a very difficult and challenging time for my grandfather and many others in the country, he continued to work very hard by providing high quality goods at a fair price,and importing merchandise from Europe. His creativity, honesty in business, and perseverance truly set him apart from competitors and led to great success. My father decided to continue the family tradition that my grandfather originally started,so he opened his very own store on BroadWay. This was when I got introduced to the furniture industry. My father would have my brothers and I at the age of six help around the store. We would dust furniture, making about .5 cents per item, and also help staple the delivery paperwork to the store copy once the delivery was done. Although we started with a very minor and insignificant task, it opened the horizon to many new opportunities! This was a humble beginning for me, but it sure created a large impact. As I grew up, I got assigned many larger tasks, like scheduling deliveries, unloading freight trucks, and arranging displays. I learned how to interact with customers and handle all customer service. This was a great experience for me. I thrived in retail and aspired to continue the furniture tradition. Thirty- eight years ago I opened my very own furniture store. With the help of my lovely staff and team, we can continue serving our community by supplying high quality goods. We have numerous different vendors we work with. We have furniture from all over the world including Spain, Italy, North America, South America, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Ukraine, and a lot built locally in the USA! We would love for you to stop by and see for yourself.

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